Miami, FL – April 27, 2019 –KwikScreen, has been providing residential and commercial screen enclosures and repairs for pools and patios for more than 20 years.

KwikScreen understands the importance of having patio screen enclosures and how it enables their clients to enjoy the South Florida weather and scenic views without the unwanted presence of insects and organic debris. KwikScreen “KwikScreen is Miami Florida’s residential and commercial patio and pool screen enclosure and repair company,” said Lopez.

Screened patios add value to properties, extend living spaces, and provide a comfortable environment to entertain family and friends. Having a patio screen enclosure around your pool, patio or home helps take advantage of available natural lighting and can be any size. From a nook to a full size room having a screen enclosure incorporates an array of entertainment options.

Patio screen enclosures can also provide privacy and security. A screened patio can also improve energy efficiency by reducing the need for interior lighting. Individuals can add shades and blinds to minimize glare and keep patios or rooms cool during the hottest part of the day throughout the year.

KwikScreen is equally experienced with screen solutions for commercial enterprises to enclose patios and pools for all types of municipalities such as office buildings and apartment complexes. They provide an added level of safety that doesn’t block scenic views. They’re especially advantageous for restaurants, enabling eateries to offer additional services and stay open later while customers dine in complete comfort.

KwikScreens Screen enclosures are beneficial for patios, pools or to create an entirely new room in homes and businesses. Pool screen and patio screen enclosures are a focus at KwikScreen and provide an enhanced level of safety, won’t block picturesque views, enrich property values, and enable people to enjoy their outdoor time without intrusions from unwanted persons, insects and pests.

With the patio screen repair and replacement services provided by KwikScreen, home and business owners will quickly have their screened in spaces back in perfect order should they be damaged by storms or accidents. From bolts and wheels to tracks and glass, the company has everything needed to perform repairs and replacement of pool and patio screen enclosures.


About KwikScreen

KwikScreen was founded to provide you with the type of quality service and product that has become rare in the construction industry today. The KwikScreen team is comprised of some of the foremost experts in the field, with the singular goal of building a good quality product at a fair price, while always meeting and exceeding Florida’s building codes. KwikScreen is your full service company for all your commercial and residential screen enclosure and patio screen repair needs. We are conveniently located in Miami, FL and serve the entire South Florida area.


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